Saturday, March 05, 2016


It is amazing to watch the utter defeat of the Republican party.

They have been infiltrated in the most public way by an outsider who is taking over the presidential nominating process even though he himself has no obvious personal political agenda of his own.  The most recent debate is a marvelous example. The bulk of the content of the debate consisted of the several candidates bickering, flashing their hands, interrupting each other, scolding each other, and labeling each other as liars.  Substantive content only came for a few moments and was easily forgettable.

To achieve that level of distraction is a remarkable feat and demonstrates a remarkable level of skill.

What's that?  You say it can't be intentional?  Oh, but it could be.  It is a strategy that Obama has been executing for years.

Here's the strategy: Whenever a potentially serious topic might come up for serious discussion by serious people with a serious potential to develop and execute solutions, inject a completely separate topic that is impossible to ignore and thus derail the conversation.  By the time the dust settles no one can remember what they wanted to talk about.

The GOP is talking about #NeverTrump... instead of talking about solutions, conservatism, the disaster of the Obama presidency, etc.

What makes it so easy for their opponents to implement this strategy of distraction is that a large percentage of the GOP voter pool has no little interest in addressing the real problems before them.  All they really want is to make sure no one takes their candy away.  It is much more fun to support Trump and his hijinx than it is to discuss who needs to stop receiving entitlements so we can keep another program afloat.

You cannot pretend to be a conservative and support the transfer of government tax revenue to individual citizens through mass programs.  It is at its core a broken economic model and one that contradicts the central driving themes of conservatism.  You cannot pretend to be a conservative and support, much less be a beneficiary of, social security, medicare, medicaid, subsidized school loans, nationalized health "insurance"... or for that matter mandated provision of health insurance by employers..., tax credits for children or home interest or capital expenditures or the purchase of a green automobile... the list goes on ad infinitum.

The other side has discovered the fundamental contradiction between the conservative talking points and the voting reality in America and they are taking full advantage.

Game over.  Before it even started.

Every government program of that nature undermines the conservative's political argument.  Don't tell that to the GOP Politicians... and definitely don't ask the average GOP voter to look at themselves in the mirror and acknowledge that they are the very source of the problem themselves when they say "Thank you very much!" and cash that benefits check.

And don't expect them to turn away from the great romping fun they're having with Trump in order to vote with any serious consideration of the issues.

The left has won this cycle.  The results of this loss will be... disappointing to experience.

The game isn't over, though.  It's never over.  The truth never goes away.  It will eventually shine through again.  Need examples?  America exists.  After thousands of years with some of the most oppressive types of government imaginable, somehow the idea of America took hold and actually came to fruition.  How about World War II?  Darkness fell across a huge portion of the globe.  But truth won the day in the end.  Painfully, with much blood and treasure spilled, but truth won.  Countless more examples, large and small, could be added to this list.

Victory will come... but when ... that is unknowable.

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