Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Non-Solution of the Government

The disappointing thing about the Bush presidency: so many of the solutions developed were from the perspective of Big Government.  I.e.: the government is the solution to the problem.

Examples are pretty easy to find: No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, the Patriot Act...

One such example is the Department of Homeland Security.  Under the right presidential leadership, it is possible for an organization like this to remain supportive of the people's liberty more than the opposite... But we are sinners... so perhaps we are best off not creating leviathan government departments that can gradually acquire more and more power over the people.

John Whitehead presents a nervous-making view of the Department of Homeland Security in his recent opinion piece which describes the agency as a standing army on American soil.  It's a worthy read.

As with education and healthcare, the most effective solutions to ensure liberty for our generation and the next is to eliminate, not create or expand, federal departments.  If the DHS was eliminated, solutions would quickly be developed at a local, state, and national level by the various private and public entities that are interested in securing our homes from any terrorist threats.  The void would be filled with a solution that the individual voter would have an opportunity to interact with and impact.

The question: How do we create a national movement specifically geared towards the elimination of federal departments?

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