Monday, May 12, 2014

Racism Revisited

A few more words about Cliven Bundy and Racism:

Those that determine what is racist insist that we must forever and always be aware of race...
     ...but simultaneously insist that we never say or do anything based on that knowledge.

This highlights the simple and logical flaw at the heart of the idea of racism.  If we have to do and not-do the same thing at the same time we are all trapped in a room where the only way out is to prostrate ourselves to the whims of the fella standing at the only door.

Racism is an evil when it is used to formulate policies that restrain the liberty of another person based solely on their external, physical characteristics.

Cliven Bundy did nothing of the sort.  He merely commented on the world that he saw around, from within the racial awareness that is mandated by the very same thought police that promptly shut him out of the public sphere.

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