Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cliven Bundy: American to the Core

Cliven Bundy has generated (sustained) a media hurricane after some comments he made quite openly to the press last Saturday.

Watch the video clip yourself.

My take is this guy is actually quite intelligent and has thought this through more than most.  Since he is not a politician, but merely the favorite flavor of the media / politicos for a moment.  Far from unfortunate, his remarks are worthy of a fair hearing.

Remove our own veils of media spin, political objectives, and the PC language filters we all suffer.  What did he say?

  • The Watts rioters were discontent and unhappy because they thought they didn't have their freedoms when in reality they were as free as any other American and certainly more than most other peoples in the world.
  • We should work peacefully to take apart federal bureaucracies, they are killing the country.
  • Living off the federal dole makes a man a slave and reduces his natural incentives to work and live an honest life he can be proud of.  It even reduces his incentive to share in the gift of life itself, instead driving greater rates of abortion.
  • Mexicans might have come here illegally but now they are here and they are people and they work hard and pay taxes and have tight-knit families... why don't we embrace these people and improve the fabric of our society?
Not a single time did he say "Negroes are born inferior to the white man" or "Mexicans are wetback invaders."  In fact, he compared Mexican and white-American culture and found the white man's to be deficient.

I can't find a single point in his conversation that I myself don't agree with.

This man is not a racist.

This man is an American.

I think much is revealed about our current political class and the dangers that we face as a society in this episode.  It is increasingly difficult to have an honest conversation about what is broken in our society and government.  If we cannot talk about it openly, how can we ever hope to fix it?

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