Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Solution to IRS Overreach

The repurposing of the IRS to target and oppress individual taxpayers and select groups is a travesty for a nation such as ours.  Consider that these events cannot occur unless the entire organization has been corrupted.  To initiate these events requires the acquiescence of numerous staffers at various levels of the management chain.  To sustain these attacks requires nearly everyone to be complicit.

The people that are executing the oppression of American citizens through the overbearing application of the IRS enforcement powers are our fellow citizens... one person with one vote, just like the people they are oppressing.  They are our neighbors.  We all send their kids to the same schools.  We may even go to the same churches.

To halt this activity and restore the IRS to its intended non-biased activity would require a herculean effort of investigation and enforcement, an effort that would have to extend over multiple Congresses and multiple presidential administrations... and how would you prove that all of the canker has been rooted out?

Q: What circumstances allowed this corruption of the American System to occur?
A: The Income Tax.

The IRS was able to accomplish their treachery through the approval of 501(c)(4) status.  These tax rules are important because:

  • The entities do not want to pay corporate income taxes on the donations received
  • The donors do not want to pay income taxes on the money that they ended up contributing
The government is looming over the citizen on both sides of this equation.  This is an unreasonable restriction on the free movement of the money involved, and consequentially, on the freedom of speech that would be executed if the money were not subject to taxation.

Available Solutions:
  1. Eliminate the corporate income tax (Act of Congress)
  2. Eliminate tax deductions for charitable giving (Act of Congress)
  3. Eliminate the income tax (Constitutional Amendment OR Act of Congress**)

** ...Congress could make the current tax rate 0%.

Once the IRS, or any government agency, has been corrupted and converted into a weapon to suppress the opposing political party, the entire operation must be eliminated to ensure that the practice cannot be repeated.

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