Thursday, February 06, 2014

Simply Put: The Purpose of Government... to create, enforce, and adjudicate laws designed to protect the common man from tyrannical acts his fellow man is capable of committing against him if otherwise unbound.  The government receives its authority from the former, who has voluntarily ceded some of his own innate ability to accomplish this protective task himself.  This power is traded away by the common man both to capitalize on the more comprehensive ability of the government to execute these laws and to allow this man to focus his time and energy on the tasks at which his talents allow him to excel and thus he secures both a safer and more robust life for himself and his family than would otherwise be possible.  The voluntary concession can be revoked at any time, should the government stray from its side of the contract.  Regardless of the authority vested in the government, the individual man always retains the right to act to protect himself and his family from immediate danger.

Seems straightforward, no?

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