Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Selfishness in Public

Peggy Noonan's contribution this past weekend took American politicians to task for behaving primarily in their own interests, rather than the best interest of the country.  Michael Medved picked up the conversation as well on his radio program yesterday afternoon.

Question: do either of these two, or any of us for that matter, believe that we are more civic minded than selfish?  Is Noonan or Medved placing their livelihood at risk to run for Congress in 2014 to ensure the installation of a better type of person in office?

Answer: No, I thought not.

Step into the fray, people, if you have a better solution than those that have already volunteered and then were approved by us in the population.  Don't expect others to fight on your behalf while you sit comfy and secure in your home / life / job on the fringes.

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