Tuesday, January 21, 2014


After repeated encounters with stories of the declining quality of the education doled out in our public schools and the influence of the Glenns (Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit and Glenn Beck @ The Blaze TV) I've gradually taken an interest in homeschooling.  Could I accept sending my kids to public schools?  Could my wife and I manage the homeschooling effort?

A huge unknown, that last one.  The greatest obstacle I can imagine is gaining the knowledge ourselves, so that we can impart it to our children.  I know there are plenty of sources and good curricula out there... but gosh it would be easier if our knowledge of Latin, etc., existed at all prior to trying to teach it to our kids...

So I've started to take an interest in the concepts of classical education, particularly from a Lutheran perspective.  It is eye opening.

The most interesting thing that I have learned so far is how much extraordinarily interesting information is out there that our modern popular society simply ignores on a regular basis.  And all of that information is available to all of us at anytime.

Self-learning.  It is a very viable solution.

A post on the American Conservative about homeschooling, which I found via Instapundit, began with a great anecdote:
Years ago, when I lived in Brooklyn, a Catholic priest friend listened to several of us grip [sic] about how bad the homilies were in most parishes, and how lousy was the catechesis. He told us that we were absolutely right, but that we didn’t have the right to complain. “All of you can get on Amazon right now and order the kind of libraries that Aquinas could only have dreamed of, and have them delivered to your front doors within a week,” he said. “There are so many resources out there if you really want to teach yourself about the faith. Don’t be so passive.”
Don't be so passive.  Get out there and feed yourself.

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