Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Plank: Public Employee Unions

As I went through American History in my schooling, I was instructed that unions grew in the United States for the noble concept of protecting the downtrodden employee from the mean and evil corporate boss who was trying to take vicious advantage of the common man.  The lesson would not be completed until we heard about the Triangle Factory FIre in 1911.

Ok.  So if that's what unions are here for... why do we have public employee unions?

Public employees work for the government.  The government is made up of the people.  The leaders of the government are elected by the people.  The wages of the employees are paid by taxes on the people.

Two thoughts:
  1. Public employee unions operate in opposition to the people and the people's representatives.  I.e.: they are fighting with their own neighbors
  2. Public employee unions are operating against the interests of their own members, by increasing the costs and burdens required to provide public services.
Position Statement: Public employee unions should be abolished as they are illogical by nature.

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