Thursday, January 30, 2014

Immigration Breakdown

In the midst of the WSJ editorial today lavishing support on the GOP for plans to bring an immigration policy bill to the floor of the House in 2014, was a lovely nugget that we need more "lower-skilled workers who can help fill the labor shortages in many parts of the country."

We have labor shortages in America?  Who knew?  We should tell this nation's unemployed, especially those who have dropped out of the workforce, and let them have a crack at these unfilled jobs.

Keep in mind, that the ranks of unemployed are not having any trouble feeding themselves... as you consider the next line in the same WSJ piece:
Agriculture is among the worst off, and millions of crop acres go fallow or are left to rot due to too few farm workers.
The farmers can't get enough workers to harvest the food, but at the same time we have so much food that even those without a job have enough to eat... sounds like we don't need that extra food at all... so why should we bother seeking migrant workers to staff these fields?

As I've said before, the best immigration policy I can think of would be to encourage as many foreign countries as possible to seek freedom and liberty.  We would all rise on that tide, and many foreign nationals could find success in their own homeland... and we can stop having nonsensical arguments like those in today's WSJ.

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