Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:

  1. The rider on a white horse, holding a bow, given a crown: Conquest
  2. The rider on a red horse, given a sword: War
  3. The rider on a black horse, carrying a pair of scales: Famine
  4. The rider on a pale horse, with Hades following him: Death
The history of man can be written as an effort by one group of men after another trying to gain power over the life and death of his fellow man, to gain control over the actions and thoughts of his peers, to claim ownership over the fruits of the labors, wealth, and property of his neighbor.  And it has worked... for a time... for so many of history's tyrants... benevolent or otherwise.

Conquest, however, is destined to fail each and every time... because conquest never comes alone.

When man claims dominion over his fellow man the remaining three scourges follow quickly on its heels: war, famine, and of course, death.

When man is ruled against his will by another his skills and productivity will be underutilized.  The incentive for excellence, creativity, invention is stripped away.  In that environment, there is rebellion, or external wars are started, or production is stifled, constricting the supply of food and necessary material goods and services.  What inevitably follows is the untimely deaths by other than natural causes of many who are subjugated by this conqueror.  Tyranny translates into the inefficient use of productivity, and that leads to human suffering.

The real soul of the United States, present at the origin of the country in the Declaration of Independence, is that the individual is in charge of his own destiny.  When in the course of human events a human force comes that threatens him, each man can throw off the bonds of slavery and seize for himself his own life and liberty and proceed with the pursuit of his own happiness.

No claim exists in the Declaration of one man's power over another.  The document does not proclaim some special right of one man or group of men to subject some other group of men to their will and dominion.  The document presumes that each man will assume responsibility for himself and his own actions, his family, his opportunities.  Further, each man is offered a chance to voluntarily join with his neighbors and "mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

And so a democratic form of government was designed.  Of the people, by the people, for the people.

But to imagine that man is so powerful and wise in and of himself to abolish tyranny from the earth would be lunacy.  Utopia.  Heaven on Earth.  Impossible.

The founders recognized this, and they constructed a system designed to always provide a relief valve for whatever minority would be become the next target for oppression by the majority.  The U.S. Constitution was designed to set up a competition between the various outlets man might use to claim authority over his fellow man.  One group of men might attempt to exert control through one channel, only to be foiled by a separate group of men through another channel.
  • The will of the people, represented by the 51% majority, can be expressed directly through the Congress.  But only if the popular majority can gain the assent of the Senate... which represents a different organization of the people and competing set of interests in the form of the states.
  • The legislature can pass whatever laws it can manage... and each can be vetoed by the executive.
  • The executive can improperly enforce some rule or the legislative branch can improperly create some new rule in a manner that deprives someone of their rights... and run up against the bulwark of the judicial branch.
The whole idea is that the rights of the minority to simply maintain control over their own lives would always defend against the possibility of the tyranny of the majority.

We have lost sight of this crucial fact of life in our current political, social, and economic order here in the United States.  The thing we need to fear most from our fellow man is his desire for conquest, his almost innate need the hold dominion over his neighbor.

We should fight for freedom from conquest with all of our might.

To restore America to the strength of purpose that led to the original founding of the country requires all of us to become aware of this fundamental principle again.  To open our eyes to the myriad ways that our neighbors are trying to control our daily lives, our every decision, our ability to express ourselves.

When we jealously guard our God given right to control our own individual destiny we will not:
  • let our government decide how our children will be educated; [Common Core]
  • let the federal government tell the state governments how they will organize; [Baker v. Carr, Reynolds v. Sims, etc.]
  • let public workers organize into unions and thus establish a voting block committed to resist the precepts of good governance; [public unions in schools or local, state, and federal government, etc.]
  • let our neighbors tell us that we are not allowed to speak our mind, especially speak about our religion, merely because we are speaking in the public square or at a public institution; [separation of church and state]
  • let our government restrict our access to, possession of, and use of weapons; [gun control]
  • choose slavery by accepting the promise that the government will care for us when we seek an education, are between jobs, become sick, or as we grow old; [the entitlements of educational loans, unemployment, medicare, social security, etc.]
  • enslave our children and grandchildren by allowing the government to assume unreasonable debts; [deficit spending]
  • let the majority be the only force necessary to change core laws governing our communities; [simple majority ballot initiatives to amend state constitutions]
We need to become paranoid once again that our neighbor is trying to remove our ability, today or in the future, to decide for ourselves the best way to live our own lives and the best way to guide and protect our families.

The left would have us believe that the United States was formed in the manner of all other nations in history of man.  Merely another effort to claim dominion over their neighbor, to conquest foreign nations, and to crush the will and freedom of the weaker class.

But that is incorrect.

The United States of America, an experiment unique to all the world and the history of mankind, is an effort to abolish from the earth the conquest of man by his fellow man.  This experiment is a moral undertaking of the highest order designed to protect all men, as much as is possible, from the scourges of conquest, war, famine, and death at the hands of his fellow man, and under this umbrella of protection, to unleash the creative and productive force of each man, restricted only by his own energy and desire.

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