Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Four Horsemen II

Gonna have to cover Dan Henninger again this week, for the new column he posted today...

First, for the image.  What a great way to visually represent the concepts I mentioned in my post two weeks ago:

The Four Horsemen of the Democratic Apocalypse. Photo: Chad Crowe

Secondly, for his argument, which once again is flawed.

Mr. Henninger posits that we should let Obamacare launch in full, watch it collapse in failure, and stride in as victors and let the people flock to us and the conservative ideal.

Right.  Just like in WWII.  We sat on the sidelines until Hitler's flawed nationalistic facism collapsed in on itself, brought down the regime, and ended the Holocaust.  Danish and French women threw themselves at the conquering American politicians as they rolled into town in luxury limousines.

If Henninger and the myriads of people expressing similar thoughts in response to Senator Cruz's remarkable speech this week were correct then why hasn't the system already collapsed?  Social Security and all the other entitlements went into the red decades ago.  The response?  Politicians on both sides fought for the right to secure massive loans from anyone that would support our addiction to spending... and then they added more programs, like oh, say, this Obamacare thang, and a decade ago, the Medicare Part D and related nonsense that the GOP ushered in.

Think about that: even the threat of bankrupting their children's and grandchildren's generations has not been enough to bring otherwise responsible Americans to right-thinking policies.

To win this fight we have to be in this fight.  To win this fight we have to bring ideas to the table.  Bold ideas, historically proven, based solidly in liberal political thought, founded on freedom, liberty, and God.

Senator Cruz, on Rush's program yesterday, claimed that the GOP in the Senate never even considers the possibility of leading a victorious resistance against the progressive political forces that have them surrounded.  The GOP old guard can't conceive of it, they can't face the risk, so they busily work to live off the scraps and keep their heads down to ensure they can win the next election.  They are squandering the power and potential that exists in the positions they hold and should cede their seats to those willing to stand up and push back.

We have to put forth the positive, alternative, conservative ideology if we want to win this fight.

We have to stand until we can no longer stand.

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