Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bringing it Together

The Four Horsemen post addressed the nature of humanity to attempt to dominate his neighbor, and that effort to conquer his fellow man will lead to death through the inefficient distribution of the human capital that we all have to offer this world.

Apply this to Obamacare.  The supporters of the Affordable Healthcare Act are promoting a law that will conquer the patient, the doctor, and all the providers of healthcare services and equipment.  This law tells everyone involved how they will spend their time and money, what type of services they can provide and how, and establishes an overbearing bureaucratic process.

On a daily basis the patient and provider will decide on the most optimal solution to a medical problem and then government regulations will interfere and prevent the execution of that expedient solution.

The patient must remain longer to have their problem solved after navigating the bureaucratic mess.  Or the patient must leave without having their malady resolved.

The doctor must remain longer to help their staff navigate the bureaucratic mess until the problem is solved.  Or the doctor must accept that the patient might not have their malady resolved.

Both patient and doctor will not be able to simply resolve the issue in the most expedient manner and then move on to the next item in their lives and practices.  The patient has their productivity stolen from them.  The doctor has his productivity stolen from him.

Then what?

What is the joy felt by the politician that has created this scenario?  What accomplishment can they point to that will give them pride, allow them to crow their success and sleep easy at night?

The politician's role is to facilitate the maintenance of an environment where the patient and the physician are free to answer the question to the best of their abilities, knowledge, experience, and personal circumstances.

Obamacare is something much different than that.

That difference makes it worth while to consider the possibility that the people supporting Obamacare are sociopaths.

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