Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Immigration Problem

The Immigration Debate rages across the land.  Rubio = Amnesty.  Rush = Why?  Conservatives: Enforcement first!  Left: Come out of the Shadows...

As with so many seemingly intractable problems, the solution begins by properly identifying the problem.  So what is the problem?

The Problem: Too many people live in fear, in darkness, under the heavy and dank cloud of socialism, or worse under tyranny.  They look around the globe to find a better place than their homeland.  America.  The shining city on a hill.  The beacon of freedom in the world.  The downtrodden make the attempt to come here...

...and we have an "immigration problem."

The Answer: Reaffirm the truths of our founding, that the optimal organization for human society is one where the people feel the personal urge to bring their innate talents to bear to the utmost of their ability and desire.  Liberty.  Opportunity.

Reach across the borders into the countries that oppress their people.  Find the freedom-seeking souls there.  Encourage them.  Support them.  Show them how we accomplished our founding.  Help them see that they can throw off the bonds of tyranny and oppression.

There is no wall tall enough or thick enough to block the light of America from leaking, beaming, streaming across our borders, across the miles, over the oceans.  More to the point, why should we try?

As long as America is the only place on the planet where man has the chance of real liberty and the opportunity to succeed or fail based on his own talents and ingenuity America will have an immigration problem.  Cut off the immigration problem at its source.

Spread freedom and democracy.

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