Wednesday, January 02, 2013

What is My Company's Business?

As I read this thorough article in the WSJ yesterday describing steps taken as Companies Prepare for New Health-Care Law, a simple thought kept ringing through my mind:

"What is the primary purpose of my business?"

I guarantee you the answer to that question is not "I am in business to respond to every change in the healthcare requirements dreamed up and imposed upon me by the federal government."

Obamacare quite simply strikes me as an illegal seizure of a company's productivity.  For that matter, all of the mandates to provide healthcare through the work place do the same.  When provided as a voluntary benefit by a company it is an effort to compete in the marketplace for talented employees.

If I were running my own business I would be be quite peeved to wake up on 01/01/2014 and find out I have a lot of new work to do, assigned by the government, just for the privilege of keeping my doors open.

Simple = Success.

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