Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Problem with Romney

Just ran into this opinion piece by Ann Coulter against Santorum...


Even when I agree with Rick Santorum, listening to him argue the point almost makes me change my mind. 

I also wonder why he's running for president, rather than governor, when the issues closest to his heart are family-oriented matters about which the federal government can, and should, do very little. 

It's strange that Santorum doesn't seem to understand the crucial state-federal divide bequeathed to us by the framers of our Constitution, inasmuch as it is precisely that difference that underlies his own point that states could ban contraception. 

Of course she is correct about the states having the legal authority that the Constitution does not provide the federal government... but the Feds have usurped that power with Obamacare.

One of the key reasons Santorum decided to run, and his wife concurred, is because their little girl would not exist in this world if she was conceived under Obamacare.  Neither would my nephew, in all likelihood.  Diagnosed in the womb with significant medical abnormalities, the parents would be given no choice but to abort.  Both children are 3 years old now.  Life matters.  Life is the miracle.

Yes, the state could institute policies, legally, that exert a control over healthcare and the personal decisions involved... but the people have a much better chance of preventing or eliminating those laws, because they are more local.  The Feds do not have that authority.  They have taken that authority unto themselves.  It must be resisted.  Obamacare must be overturned.

Romney has indeed done the opposite, and seized the power over medical decisions on behalf of the state.  He simply cannot understand the moral implications of his policies.  His candidacy is, very simply, corrupted by this.

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