Friday, February 24, 2012

CA Judges: Judge your Sexuality (and then tell us all about it!)

Soooo.... CA is now requiring their judges to tell their employer what sexual preference they identify... language too complicated: who they like to f*ck when the urge arises.

There are some real gems in this article, like:

"The process of self-revealing one's sexual orientation is an element of a now yearly process."

I should probably fault the author of the post at the Weekly Standard for that language.  how exactly is it "self-revealing" if you are required to reveal this information as a course of your employment?  And what if you decided not to "self-reveal" at all?  Would they simply "reveal" it for you?  Would they have to perform an inspection for that?  A test?

And walk down this path with me... The state claims their collecting this information to ensure equality or distribution, etc.  Just curious... but if they found the gender preference was suffered from a mal-distribution, what would the remedy?  Fire a non-gay judge to open a slot for a gay one?  Fire a gay male judge to place lesbian female?  Fine the Governor daily until the gender balance is restored?  Would a gay person who a judge ruled against be able to appeal the case claiming that the court was not fair from the start?  Would an aggrieved straight person be able to do the same?  Would the whole court system have to shut down if it was found they were short a trans-gendered representative, based on the percentage of such in the general population?  Would the San Francisco regional courts have to fulfill a different balance than the courts covering Modoc County?

This is the height of ridiculousness... more at the link

In order to make sure gays and lesbians are adequately represented on the judicial bench, the state of California is requiring all judges and justices to reveal their sexual orientation. The announcement was made in an internal memo sent to all California judges and justices.California“[The Administrative Office of the Courts] is contacting all judges and justices to gather data on race/ethnicity, gender identification, and sexual orientation,” reads an email sent by Romunda Price of the Administrative Office of the Courts. A copy of Price’s memo was obtained by THE WEEKLY STANDARD.
“Providing complete and accurate aggregate demographic data is crucial to garnering continuing legislative support for securing critically needed judgeships,” Price writes.
The process of self-revealing one’s sexual orientation is an element of a now yearly process. “To ensure that the AOC reports accurate data and to avoid the need to ask all judges to provide this information on an annual basis, the questionnaire asks that names be provided. The AOC, however, will release only aggregate statistical information, by jurisdiction, as required by the Government Code and will not identify any specific justice or judge.”
Philip R. Carrizosa of the executive office of communications at the Judicial Council of California, the Administrative Office of the Courts, confirmed the authenticity of Price’s email regarding gender identification and sexual orientation to THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

 more at the link

Monday, February 06, 2012

A Moral Solution

A Greek tragedy, playing out on a massive stage with the whole world as their audience. Is there any way to avoid a calamitous collapse? No, I don't think so. But not because it isn't possible to avoid collapse, more because Greek society is no longer capable of the moral strength necessary to succeed. Moral Solutions. That is what is required. The people, of America, much less Greece or any other entitled nation, must decide voluntarily to forgo the benefits of the gifts they have voted themselves over the years. How else will it resolve? Will the youngest generation go to work nosing that 10, 20, 30% or more of their labor and effort will go to paying for the luxurious lifestyle of their grand parents? Will the middle aged folk be content to forgo their benefits, scheduled a mere 5 to 10 years hence... While their neighbors win out because they have lived already past the magic deadline? No. Tey will not. The people who a currently entitled must blaze the trail. They must wake up and say "No, thank you." They must decide to forgo their free CNN to ensure the opportunity for their grandchildren to work for and earn a new lunch. The current entitlees must must make the moral decision to work for their own bread rather than enslaving the next generation(s) to a tab they will never settle themselves. It is not moral to take food from your babies. ...but if the people do not come to this decks option voluntarily... Well, the there will be violence.