Tuesday, September 13, 2011

There is Room For Another...

During the CNN / Tea Party debate last night a tea-partier asked what the candidates were willing to do to gain support specifically from hispanic voters.  As the wife and I listened to the answers, we looked at each other and agreed that the right answer, the one that was missing, was the following:

I am going to reach out to hispanics the same way I will reach out for the support of every American voter: by appealing to their desire to protect life, to promote liberty, to expand the opportunity for every individual to achieve their happiness.  We are all Americans, come with me, let's re-claim our nation.

Romney came close in his eventual answer, but he was so off the beaten path he would have a long way to walk to get back to the purity of that statement above.

Palin.  She might be able to stake a claim in this position.  Her frank discussion of crony capitalism, the manner in which she has trained herself to be immune to the media's efforts to goad and lead the candidates into certain responses... this is the space she could fill.

If she runs.

Will she?

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