Thursday, September 08, 2011

Eugenics Group Advertising on MSNBC During GOP Debate

In the first commercial break there was this commercial which stopped me in my tracks.  Watch it, then go read their background page.  Population control.  Fertility management.  Eugenics.  Really scary this is mainstreamed enough to buy commercial time on a national broadcast on MSNBC.  What else is being advertised on that channel that I would never know about?

I live in Seattle, Washington... was this ad actually run on the national feed?

Here is the text of the background page on this group's website (highlights are mine)

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) is confronting the most important issue facing California and the United States: runaway population growth. This problem cries out for action now and will have severe and irreversible consequences for our children and grandchildren. Overpopulation brings environmental damage and overuse of nature's bounty. Overpopulation strains local infrastructure and frays community institutions. It affects air and water quality, causes destruction of forests and wildlife and results in the permanent loss of fertile land and other non-renewable resources.

The solutions are limiting immigration, encouraging lower fertility and educating the public about likely outcomes if we fail to take decisive action today. The most crucial task for those who care about California and the rest of the United States is to reverse the endless growth agenda supported by most of our elected officials and based on a "business as usual" attitude that continuing increases in population and consumption can go on indefinitely. The nation is growing at the rate of 0.9% a year. California is growing by 1.01%, which means its population will double in 69 years. At this rate, by early in the next century, our great-grandchildren will be living in an America crammed with over a billion people.

Electric vehicles and anti-sprawl campaigns may have merit, but because they deal with the symptoms rather than the underlying causes of society's overpopulation woes, they are no substitute for just saying "no" to current and unprecedented mass immigration policies.

CAPS was organized in 1986, when it split off from ZPG (Zero Population Growth) because that organization, like many other population groups, decided to focus on the politically safer issue of global overpopulation. While we agree that global overpopulation is a problem, CAPS works to influence population policy in our own country and uses education and advocacy to accomplish this goal.

CAPS is a 501(c)(3), membership-based, public interest organization, that is determined to end policies and practices that cause overpopulation and the resultant decline in our quality of life here in California and in the United States.

Thus, CAPS has a special niche in the population-environment movement. Several of our board members have held leadership positions in national environmental groups. Three current board members are scientifically-trained academics, now dedicated immigration reform activists.

Because conventional environmental organizations have abrogated their responsibility to oppose continued U.S. population growth, a huge gap exists that organizations like CAPS are determined to fill. A detailed history of the U.S. environmental movement's retreat from advocating U.S. population stabilization has been documented by Roy Beck and Leon Kolankiewicz in volume 12 of the Journal of Policy History.

Total fertility rates are below replacement (2.1 children per woman) for all groups in California except for Hispanics, whose total fertility rate is 2.68 (CA Dept. of Finance). But it is direct immigration and births to foreign-born women that now account for virtually all of the population growth in California. CAPS is unique among population and immigration reduction organizations in our advocacy of less immigration, small family size and the wide availability of family planning information and contraceptive use.

CAPS recognizes that California has developed a harmful positive feedback loop that involves over-immigration, a poor and deteriorating public educational system, and high fertility. These factors reinforce each other in negative ways: Over-immigration overwhelms the public schools with too many students who have little command of English. This is a major factor interfering with immigrant achievement and promotes dropping out of school early. Because of the well-documented inverse correlation between a woman's lifetime fertility and the amount of schooling she receives, these early dropouts will have, on average, high fertility. This will fill the schools with even more children and exacerbate further the overcrowding and other problems. This harmful repetitive cycle will never be fixed until immigration levels are reduced. Just to accommodate current rates of immigration-driven increase in the under-age-20 population, California would have to build a new school every other day and this need will continue for the foreseeable future.

Population can and must be stabilized in the United States. CAPS believes we are in a position to have significant influence, especially here in California. We have made a reasoned analysis of the problem, based on the best available data from demographic and ecological source material. We have designed research, education and advocacy programs that will be effective. We ask for your support in this critically important work.

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