Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The National Security Fortress

America's foreign policy moved front and center in the past few weeks as the popular revolt in Egypt appeared, intensified, and found "success." (As Niall Ferguson said on Morning Joe recently... it's hard to call a popular revolution that leads to a military junta a success...) For so many years we have supported the existence of autocratic regimes across the Middle East, holding steadfast that the devil we know was better than the devil we don't know.

Glenn Beck led the US Policy flogging. His pronouncements on the topic... well... let's say I agree with the great bulk of them. But where does that flogging of our past policy lead us? Criticism is not enough. Should we aggressively strive to overturn every non-free government around the world? Should we constantly evangelize our flavor of freedom everywhere we go? Should we reject all treaties and reject all trade opportunities with authoritarian regimes?


Solutions are required. New ideas must be injected into the mix. And here is my developing contribution:

  1. The first and primary objective of the United States Foreign Policy should be the security of the nation and the protection of it's citizens domestically and across the globe.
  2. We have a military that can project tremendous force around the globe as needed, only sparingly, and to tremendous effect, to the direct service of protecting the lives and interests of America. Victory should be quick when possible but always decisive.
  3. We should expand the defensive barrier that is our liberty and freedom throughout the world. Each country that is free and democratic is another extension of our defensive barricade. Free countries do not attack each other, which reduces the number of countries that must be observed as threats. Increasing numbers of free nations challenges to abilities of the remaining authoritarian regimes to defend their own borders, complicates their ability to project control outside of their borders, and most importantly, provides them with too many close proximity targets to allow them to threaten the United States.
Form a Fortress of Liberty. Tell all they are welcome to join us, not by coming inside our walls, but by using our example to build their own wall, which they are then welcome to attach to ours.

As we pursue this, our moral path will be apparent at each step. America should never need to side with the enemies of freedom to protect freedom. The core of our nation's foreign policy and national security policy should always be the expansion of democracy and liberty around the globe.

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