Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Senate's Tea Party

The WSJ weekend interview went in a new direction today. The article presents two contrasting interview subjects, both newly minted members of the Senate for the GOP: Rand Paul, the Tea Party favorite from Kentucky; and Roy Blunt, the GOP stalwart congressman from my home state of Missouri.

Both interviews together really highlight the challenges that the Tea Party movement will face as it converts from election activists to governing activists.

Rand Paul is fired up and plans to walk in and have his way with the world of the Senate. Something tells me he is going to just crash into a wall of resistance. The Tea Party could help tame the senator and ensure that he is able to have an effect.

Roy Blunt's interview... was terribly frightening. It's great to have solid conservatives on the team for us, and the alternative... of having Robin Carnahan join McCaskill in the MO delegation... (shudder). But I had the same sensation when I read this bit:

Ask Mr. Blunt what he learned from the DeLay experience in Congress—which ended up with the Republicans losing the majority in 2006—and he says that the party needs to make sure it "communicates well" with an electorate newly engaged by the tea party.

Is he an Obama clone?

The problem is not communication, the problem is politicians, like Blunt, who fail to hew to the needs of the people. The interview notes his role in stopping the effort to reform Social Security in Bush's second term...

...and there's the second challenge of the Tea Party now: to communicate well with their elected representatives.

The American people are tired of being told how things work. That is a lesson that we will have to help Blunt learn.

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