Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Impressions from the People's Night

Rand Paul got the night started of fabulously well, with a marvelous speech that encompassed the people's movement that was so well communicated at the polls tonight.

Rubio took Rand Paul's thread and executed an even better speech. To think of the story that he is able to tell... people who at the prime of their lives had their dreams stolen from them by history and tyranny, who fled to a foreign land that welcomed them, a place where they could pass their dreams on to their children.

Also from Florida: a true American hero, Colonel West, has won his congressional race. Congratulations, sir.

John Boehner's speech... emotional speech... touching speech... was unexpected, at first off-putting, but in the end very welcome. He is human, he may very well be the leader we need. and he wasn't orange tonight.

I'm so sad for California... my current home... we have subjected ourselves to another half decade of insanity. Awaiting the results on the propositions.

I'm glad we haven't taken the Senate. That makes it more meaningful. Agree with Charles K's comments there about control / power, but would like to add that the people remain in power. The threat of doing to the Senate in 2012 what we have done to the House in 2010... all incumbents up for election have reason to stand and pay attention to the people.

Thank you, Jon Stewart, for your assistance. Sanity, just so much of it, has been restored.

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