Thursday, October 14, 2010

Its All in a Name

And the blog has been renamed. The title came easily, and spurred on by Little Red, who will be making an appearance here in due time.

Life is.

We are here, and this is all the reason we need to make choices, strive forward, strike out swinging, or finish triumphant. That is what this blog is about... by its mere existence. The line from the Declaration of Independence is so simple, so powerful. "When in the Course of human events," opens the document with a certain tone of inevitability. It establishes a certain mood ripe for the bold statement that follows, that rights, certain rights, are self-evident, provided by a power greater than man, and therefor inviolable. The opener indicates that the Founding Fathers had no other choice but to take the time to put these words down on paper and commit themselves to this tumultuous path. "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary..."

We live in extraordinary, historic times. I wondered if we would be able to say that. The Reagan 80's and the United States' victory in the Cold War certainly were as well... but the Clinton 90's seemed to woosh it all away, and the Bush 'double-aughts' were such a confusion of true American conservatism and squishy governmental progressivism.

Now it seems different. Now seems to matter. To Matter. Mere perception, perhaps... time will tell. Regardless it is into this time this historic age that we stride intent on raising our voice and entering our thoughts into the cacophony of the interwebs for all posterity.

We hope you will enjoy this ride with us.

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