Thursday, October 14, 2010

Capitalism = Life

I began the morning today with a remarkable statement by Daniel Henninger in his weekly Wonderland column, in the WSJ. He wrote of the gifts that capitalism brings to the world, in reference to the technology that made possible the rescue of miners trapped 2,500 ft underground in Chile.

If those miners had been trapped a half-mile down like this 25 years ago anywhere on earth, they would be dead. What happened over the past 25 years that meant the difference between life and death for those men?

The timing of this posts arrival is what struck me. Early this week I found myself wrapped up in a discussion with people close to me who believe... or arrive at their beliefs... differently than I do. Freedom means something different to them. Capitalism is somehow a great evil.

But it isn't, really, is it? Capitalism, and the state of liberal thought that nurtures it, facilitates solutions to problems that would otherwise long be forgotten. Capitalism provides a mission for each of us, a reason to live... an answer to the Life Is statement. These small companies that designed a drill bit, a cable, a sock... they did not imagine at the time of their creation that they would save lives with them... they were just looking for a way to live a dream, leave their mark on the world, or turn a profit and provide a nice lifestyle for their families. Not only have they achieved that, but they now have the satisfaction of facilitating the same in others.

Freedom matters, in the course of human events.

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