Thursday, July 29, 2010

General Truths of the U.S.S.R.

A caller to Glenn Beck today mentioned a general that had defected from the Soviet Unions some time ago, as relevant to the threads Beck is pursuing regarding the direction of the U.S. So I looked the fellow up. Second link on Google brought me to a link purportedly showing Senja's testimony to a Congressional Panel in the '90s... and his testimony included the following statement that really caught my attention:

Czechoslovakia also built a crematorium in North Korea to disposed of the bodies and parts after the experiments were concluded.

This is not something that I was aware of before. I don't think I've ever encountered the idea before that the Soviets could be so connected in action with the Nazi's, that they performed such medical experiments.

Coupled with the general tone of the piece, where he describes the Soviets as in a perpetual state of war & war preparation...

People are idiots that they can't know how crazy they are. The fellow who I upbraided (definition to accommodate my buddy's limited command of the English language...) back at my previous emplyer for wearing a t-shirt with the hammer & sickle on it took offense that I would challenge him, thought it was defensible to glorify communism...

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