Friday, February 22, 2008

Broken Glass

I feel just awful for these parents and there families. 4 children lost in a random moment. Accidents happen, we all know that. But the fact that the driver who caused the accident would not have been on the streets on MN at all if the police and Feds had done the jobs the community reasonably expects of them... Its salt on the wound.

I'm sure politicians will jockey to make amends. What I'd really like to see is the police officers step up and do the right thing regardless of policy. Law breakers must be dealt with. I'm not an advocate of "round em up and send them home." however they cross the path of police, to jail they should go.

I feel bad for the officers who had to respond to that call in 2006. It must weigh heavily on their consciences.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yes we can...

Barack Obama is inspiring a nation. His website, his messaging, the messages created for him, they all contain a tremendous resonance and an incredible power. Obama could win this thing. Tuesday's primary contests could prove the death knell of the Clinton machine. And if Obama seizes the Democratic Party's nomination, he will most likely defeat his Republican opponent and ascend to the White House.

And America will survive the experience. Because his message is one of hope. He is inspiring those who follow him. I have yet to hear a supporter explain which of Obama's policy statements they support and yearn for, but then I haven't spoken to many of them myself. Hope, though, can count for a lot and move people to action regardless of direction.

America will survive the experience. It's possible for damage to be done around the globe in respect to security issues. It's possible that a President Obama will not act forcefully to defend the interests of peace and western values when they are challenged during his term. People will suffer, somewhere as a result of that. It will make it a greater challenge for Obama's successor to clean up the mess and restore a sense of security to the global marketplace of ideas and commerce. but it is unlikely that there will be another terrorist attack inside the United States, because the people themselves, government bureaucrats and elected officials at a national, state, and local level all have a tremendous incentive to protect their own jobs by protecting their constituencies. And the voters and citizens will step in and defend themselves as well. They will remain vigilant in their homeland and will report and act in order to protect their own livelihood.

America will survive the experience. Obama's policies will force a shift towards the democratic socialism that is rampant in Europe. But it will not last forever, and the country will still be here, the Constitution will still stand.

America will survive because his message is one of hope and optimism. I'll take that message any day over the painful rearrangement of everything we know and love that would occur under Hillary Clinton.

...but I wish I wouldn't have to...