Monday, August 14, 2006

Black Flag

Ever since the start of the conflict in Laebanon the paragon news force of television, CNN, has had ridiculously skewed and blinded coverage. But one thing has been simply appalling.

On Anderson Cooper 360 they have had a graphic in the bottom right corner of a waving flag. The flag fades ever 10 seconds or so between the Lebanese flag is red, white and green, and the Israeli flag, in black and white instead of blue and white. At first I was willing to give CNN the benefit of the doubt... maybe it was just a deep navy and my own TV was making it appear otherwise. But then I thought about, and looked for an actual Israeli flag image, like this one here, and it just can't be explained.

So they have been running this flag every night for 30+ days now. Tonight, during another segment, they ran an American flag in the same graphic. No question, the field with the stars in it was blue, not black.

Do not adjust your tv set, folks.

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