Saturday, April 22, 2006

Speaking up...

I thought this was insightful (found it on PowerLineBlog...)

I've been wondering about this since it happened. Apparently, as the liberals on NPR rejoiced in pointing out numerous times this week, she started her heckling just after bush completed a sentence about the benefits freedom of speech would offer the people of China. And according to Joe here, she was able to heckle for a few minutes before the Secret Service whisked her away.

Is it possible that this was a put-up job by the Bush Administration? No state dinner, Cheney sleeping in the corner, no promises to accomplish big things together as nations... and a protester speeks freely, one who held a press pass obtained after the White House approved a dissident and oppressed Chinese reilgious/social organization as a press entity.

There are people who feel the Bush administration is crooked, backhanded and always up to conspiracy. There are time, like this one, where I agree wholeheartedly. Not all battles need be fought with guns.

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