Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Let it Snow...

Tony Snow is an inspired choice for the White House press secretary. I've always perceived that position as Public Relations, not journalism. It's always been about controlling the information flow. And I'm sure it will to a large degree maintain that character. But when you're controlling the delivery of the information what you are not doing is telling the truth. And that leaves you fundamentally exposed. Because somone else may be about to release that truth themselves.

It has long been a complaint of mine that the White House should be able to defuse the conflict they have with the press more effectively... simply by telling the truth, or by being straight-forward with the White House position on a topic. The Bush administration will not win over the press corps by speaking this way... but they will strengthen their support with the voters, the people of America. The people are very good at recognizing the truth. We know that the MSM is going to apply their spin to every story. What's been missing is a serious alternative for the MSM to compete with.

Tony Snow is connected with the conservative media channels. He knows how to talk to them. And now he will be doing that on behalf of all of us from the podium at the White House. Our story will be told.

The danger is that as a journalist he is used to talking about both sides of a story, and as a commentator Tony is used to speaking his mind on a topic. Now as the WH press secretary he will have to hold the company line on everything. That may prove challenging for Tony the individual. I'm sure he's already thought this part through, let's hope he aces this challenge. If he executes well we will get more of the results we asked for when we cast our votes in 2000 and 2004 and the Bush legacy will be much more secure.

But... execution has been this administration's weak point... stay tuned...

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