Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is there any choice but war?

At some point, enough is enough and one must go to war.

Iran can't keep it's mouth shut. They really don't care about winning. If they did they would be all quiet and sneaky, setting everything up carefully while pretending to be our friend before striking like a snake and taking the western world down.

Instead every day there is a new comment from Iran about eliminating Israel, striking back against the US, sending missiles to Europe, yadda yadda yadda. The latest, which I've learned of through two posts on LittleGreenFootballs today:
...paints a pretty clear picture. If we attack Iran's nuclear complexes in order to eliminate that aspect of their threat Israel must, simultaneously occupy and neutralize the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Southern Lebanon. If that were to happen, odds are good Egypt sends troops into Gaza and Syria rolls into Lebanon (to occupy the rest of that country, not immediately to counter-attack the Israelis.) Full scale war in a matter of days.

We have to cut off the nuclear head of this snake. More than that, though, we need to eliminate the regime in Iran, which so desperately wants to increase their standing in the world by speaking out against America and the West in general.

Question: Does that mean that we need to bomb Iran's nuclear sites to get this started?

Answer: No.

The nuclear threat that Iran poses to the world can be eliminated through many means. The most obvious is to blow the sites up. This is difficult and expensive and we might not get all of them. It also leaves the mouthy Iranian figureheads in place to jump on Al Jazeera and explain how evil and mean we are, thus enhancing their status as martyrs and calling more people to the cause.

Iran's overactive mouthpieces have instead given us a much better option. Iran has made it clear their mission is to destroy a sovereign nation, a nation recognized by the UN as legitimate. They have made threats of death and destruction against the US and anyone supporting our cause. They have made threats to bomb our subways or buildings or planes. They have openly supported the flow of weapons and support to the insurgency in Iraq. They are pals with Syria, who is up to no good. They have ties with Hamas, the "democratically elected" leadership of the Palestinian Authority, a group hell-bent on the destruction of that same UN recognized neighboring stae of Israel. They fund and supply Hizbollah in Lebanon, keeping the local Lebanese population in a constant state of fear, regularly shelling Israel, and threatening to do worse. Oh yeah - and they are 3 months to 10 years away from a nuclear warhead, depending on who you listen to.

We have a tremendous set of reasons to eliminate the current government of Iran. It's time to do it. Forget the nuclear sites. The funding and support for that will end immediately if we take Tehran. No country could sustain such a technologically advanced research program while there are foreign soldiers on their land. Send in the Marines, not the Air Force.

But if we go in, as I said, Israel must simultaneously attack its neighbors. It must because they are ready to attack Israel. No sense just standing there taking the punch. Much better to strike first and make it impossible for that punch to be thrown.

If Bush is nervous that now is not the right time (it is!) another possibility would be to neutralize Syria, either by sending in troops or cutting them off from the world community and preventing them from continuing to funnel money and materiel from Iran to everywhere. This is a bad option in the long run becuase it will take so long for any resolution of the situation. But if we're afraid of war outright, it is an option.

All in all, it does not look good right now. I only hope that the Bush Administration is building up its forces and plans as we speak and planning of the invasion and over throw of Iran post haste.

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