Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Great Debate

Tonight turned into an impromtu dinner outing with a few coworkers. A few glasses of wine into the meal and politics swarmed in. My favorite situation: Iwas completely surrounded. Two lefties in front, one at either side, my back (literally) to the wall. I lead the charge, fearlessly, and we debated immigration and Iraq and jeffersonian democracy. It was a great conversation, at least for me.

In case you didn't see it, the Brits have lost there minds. Robbing a house? Expect only a slap on the wrist... Why this rule is ridiculous:
  • The cops now have permission to decide when and against (or for!) whom they'd like to enforce the rules. You better hope you are one of the people they like
  • The bad guys have guns. The good guys don't. They are illegal. Now the bad guys can use them to threaten the police so the police will enforce or ignore the laws according to the whims of the armed. Hope you have a gun.
  • There is no rule of law if the law is not applied equally across all spectrums. Why should one person respect the law when he knows it only applies to himself? Society cannot survive.
It's insane. I wish I had travelled to Europe before the madness began. Paris, London, more... it may, and very likely will, be a very different place by the time I manage to get there.

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